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Types of Fish Tank Filters

Types of Fish Tank Filters

Tropical fish and aquatic plants only grow rapidly and healthily in a suitable living environment. When we raise tropical fish and aquatic plants, the water quality in aquariums is uncertain and dynamic. The fish and plants in the aquarium are living things, and they secrete and excrete dirt all the time, so harmful substances in water increase at any time. In face of this situation, fish tank filters are needed to maintain the stability of the water quality.

A fish tank filter is an important component of the aquarium. It can filter out the impurities, fish feces, residual baits, rotten leaves of aquatic plants, and the organic matters in the water through the filter material in the filter to adjust the indicators of water, maintain the stability of water quality in the aquarium, keep the water in the tank permanently fresh and clear, and provide aquatic plants and tropical fish in the aquarium with a living condition that is similar to the wild ecological environment.

There are many different shapes of fish tank filters available in the aquarium market, but they are nothing more than upper filters, built-in filters, bottom filters, out hanging filters, and biochemical cotton filters. Although they all have the function of filtering, there are different options for different aquariums and applications.

Upper circulating filter (upper filter)

The upper circulating filter is put on the aquarium, and the whole filter tank is exposed outside the aquarium. The water will be pumped into the filter tank through an immersible pump, and then flow back to the aquarium through the outlet pipe at the bottom of the filter tank. Filter cotton activated carbon and biochemical stone can be placed in the filter tank.

The biggest advantage of the upper filter is that it is easy to clean. When the filter material is polluted, it can be easily taken out for cleaning. In the fish breeding period, due to the rapid water current and large suction power of water suction pipe, small fish are easy to be absorbed into the filter, therefore, it is better not to use it in the fish breeding season. In addition, the upper filter is not suitable for aquatic plant aquarium, because it will reduce the retention time of carbon dioxide in the aquarium, at the same time, the water of the filter will also bring large amounts of oxygen in the air into the water, so the dissolved oxygen in the water will increase, which can make the oxygen-loving algae grow in quantities and affect the ornamental effect of the aquarium.

Built-in filter (submerged filter)

The built-in filter is directly connected with the immersible pump and the filter tank, which is submerged in the water. In the filter tank, scroll-like filter cotton is wound on a cylinder with a leakage net. There are many biological balls inside the cylinder, which will be convenient for the attachment of nitrifying bacteria. The biggest advantage of the built-in filter is its low sound, and the current direction can be adjusted according to specific needs, which is suitable for aquatic plant aquariums.

The outlet of the built-in filter is connected with the carbon dioxide inlet, through which carbon dioxide can enter the water. After the impact of the water flow, carbon dioxide can be evenly dispersed to every corner of the aquarium and absorbed by the aquatic plants. The cleaning of the built-in filter is also very convenient: just take out and wash the internal filter cotton. It is the most suitable for raising small fish and fish reproduction periods because of the large contact surface between the built-in filter and water as well as its small water absorption power per unit area.

Biochemical cotton filter/Airlifting biochemical filter

The biochemical cotton filter/airlifting biochemical filter belongs to the built-in filter (submerged filter). Biochemical cotton filter/airlifting biochemical filter is the most simple filter in all types of filters. It causes the current to flow from the outside of the biochemical cotton to the inside of the biochemical cotton through the blowing of the oxygenation pump, and the continuous blowing of the pump provides a large amount of oxygen for nitrifying bacteria. The dirt can be left on the biochemical cotton in the flow and then be decomposed by the denitrifying bacteria in the water or on the biochemical cotton to form a biological filter environment.

Biochemical cotton is mainly used in raising ultra-small fish such as Paracheirodon Innesi and Aphyocypris Lini because the body of the ultra-small fish is generally light and they are easy to be sucked into the filter tank. The biochemical cotton filter can avoid this problem, but the biochemical cotton filter is not suitable for aquatic plant aquariums or raising big fish.

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