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By Senzeal | 28 January 2021 | 1 Comments

Several Factors Determining the Efficiency of Fish Tank Pump.

Several Factors Determining the Efficiency of Fish Tank Pump.

A fish tank water pump is a must for fish farming, so the choice of the water pump is very critical. Simply speaking, it is nothing more than the brand and flow of the pump. The correct selection of fish tank water pump can drive the water circulation in the fish tank.

Let's start with brands. The first key to the quality of the fish tank pump is its brand, while the quality lies in the time used and the size of the sound itself.

The next is quality. Some low-cost fish tank pumps are really cost-effective, but there are frequent cases of screws rusting and pump wires getting cracked on their outer skin for soaked for a long time, which is really dangerous. Some pumps even appear skin cracking phenomenon, especially in the pump head position. If some friends are careless, once the copper core is exposed, it is still a small matter that the fish gets an electric shock, but the loss will outweigh the gain if people get electrocuted.

Then is flow. Everyone likes to choose the tank pump with high flow, but do you consider power consumption when the flow is high? This is particularly critical, and choosing a pump with the right energy consumption and high-flow can save a lot of money on your budget. For the same flow rate of 6500 L / h, the power of some pumps is 65W, and that of some pumps is more than 100W. There will be a difference of 25200W in a month if operating 24 hours a day. So for choosing the same flow pump, the lower the power, the more saving.

The last is the size of the tank and the choice of pump flow. It is generally believed that the higher the flow rate, the better, and the cleaner the water is, the more conducive to the culture of the nitrification system. But in fact, this view is very one-sided. There are many factors affecting the nitrification system culture, and water flow are only one of them.

Each tank has its own filtering method, but it is not suitable for some fish tanks in the above formula. For example, some of the above filters or some of the drainage outlets are small, and the filter tank is not large, so it is easy to block when adding filter material inside. Especially for the pump whose drainage capacity of the lower nozzle is not as good as the water capacity, the launching capacity should be fully considered to choose. Try as far as possible to maximize the performance of the fish tank pump, and do not let the water outlet and water outlet pipe become the bottleneck of water flow size.

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